Pretty much all my paintings and other creations are whimsical.  So why do I name this shop as Whimsical?  I have all sorts of other categories of digital work and then there are some paintings that tell me they don’t want to be in that particular shop.  (Yes, I do talk, well actually listen, to my paintings.  That is partly how I find out their names).

All the paintings in this shop are digitally created (or altered, depending on the image). Some of these creations are actually fractals. The wispy ones are created using a series of Photoshop filters. Each of those wisps of color is a separate layer. Some of these paintings have over 100 layers – that is, over 100 individual flourishes of color. When I am creating this type of art, I have the computer next to me on a table while I watch TV. I make a wisp and it often takes an hour to be manifested. Light Within was created in this manner. You can see that there is a lot of energy in some of these images!

Light Within – Abstract Violet & Indigo Swirls

Round Clocks


I created my Whimsical shop because I want a place to showcase my digital paintings where they aren’t in competition for attention with my other types of my artwork. Rose Birds is part of a series I created from an image of Blue Jays. I have mirrored it, repeated it, until it told me a story. I have this image in a series of seasons and feelings since they all seem unique to me. I have played around a lot with computer programs as I am learning them. (I think you can tell I like computers.) Some of the paintings I have come up with, I am lucky that I worked with file sizes that are useable. I have dozens of magical pieces that are just plain too small to put on products.

Rose Birds – Violet & Pink Cycle iPad Case



I have some Bubblescapes here – that don’t have any bubbles – I figure they go better here. I have patterned work that is not mandalas, not created using a circle pattern. They seem to me to be better suited here. So there are sorts of style that are here in my Whimsical shop – but they are all definitely whimsical.

Nature Reflections I is part of a series I created from transforming a photo of yellow birds.  As I move, repeat, transform these images, magic happens and original work shows up.  Even when painting with a brush, it is important to notice what is happening on the canvas.  That way, one knows what to focus on and also when to stop. That way one also catches the stories that are there.  I like the way this image suggests something special happening.


Nature Reflections I –

Gold & Blue Birds Throw Pillows


I love the way this painting turned out – Expansion.  This was an image I created by shaking the image I was working on, reflecting it, going in with a liquid brush and transforming it all. A liquid brush makes swirls in an image by using the structure and colors that are already there.

I was going to throw this out … luckily a friend was there and told me to stop! He pointed out the magic in the image.  Now I love this painting that I call Expansion – Golden Shimmering City of Dreams.  I can just go in and take a journey there anytime. It gives me a sense of life beyond the visible.  I encourage you to take celestial or magical or delightful or fun explorations into any of these realms.


Expansion – Golden Shimmering City Dreams

Wall Clock


More of My Whimsical Digital Paintings