At times I have taken a lot of photographs and really enjoyed doing that.  I went cross country and have detailed photos and writing about each place we went.  Unfortunately my camera was not that great a quality.  It is on my list to someday to try to repair those photographs. Some of my newer photos are very good.

But I am lucky enough to have a Dad who is an avid bird watcher. And my Dad also loved to take photographs. He started when he was a kid with black and white photography (of his family, not birds). I am lucky enough to have his permission to use his stunning work and also written transfer of copyright to me.

Here is a Snowy White Arctic Owl against a deep, deep blue sky. To me this is one of the most amazing photos I have ever seen!!  And other people love it too.

Snowy Owl – White Bird against a Sapphire Blue

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I am also lucky enough to have an aunt who loved travel and take photographs.  She went to Camera Club very faithfully and received feedback from the others in order to better her photography.  My aunt has close ups of flowers that are delightful and unusual!

My aunt also loved to travel … and to take photos as they went on their many trips. These were the things that gave her great delight as her hobbies.   We used to watch her slides as kids … and we enjoyed it, but it probably wasn’t our favorite thing to do – but since it gave me aunt such pleasure, we were delighted to do that!

When I started really getting into art myself and working on the computer with images, I thought again of my aunt’s slides that she had taken and labeled so carefully. I was printing, making and selling my own images as art cards. Since I noticed people were drawn to nature, I asked my aunt if I could use some of her slides.

Of course my aunt was totally delighted! As we dug some of her slides out, she was very sad to see the state of the color on some of them – very faded. Well, I was not daunted at all … and on some of them the color was still perfect, particularly the flowers. Others I worked hard to transform the color back into original shape. I also had a couple of Photoshop filters that I had gotten for this purpose.

Heavenly Portugal Ocean – Teal & Azure

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As I said, my Dad totally loved looking for birds!  Any travel he did for himself was to go find another life bird.  He truly enjoyed being in the woods and different places in the country to find another bird so that he would have seen it in person.

My Dad was part of a bird network that called each other when a bird was sighted within a reasonable distance.  Then the serious bird watchers would swarm to catch sight of the bird who was out of their usual habitat. This is a lovely photo he caught of this Great Gray Owl napping.

Great Gray Owl –

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Well, I worked away to make my aunt’s photos dazzling and alive again to give her delight!! Wow – the color was very much restored.  I printed some of them out and my aunt was near to tears to think that she had taken such glorious images.  I think it has been one of the great joys of her life to see that beauty she captured and created and then years later to see they could be so lovely!!

Since my aunt was so thrilled, I am lucky enough to have my aunt’s permission to use her beautiful work and also the written transfer of copyright to me.  These Portugal images are some of the ones I restored … and thus delighted her so much!  Neither she nor I could stop looking at the light on the rocks on the Portugal image above.  On the slide boxes many of the places are labeled only by country and my aunt has no memory of exactly where they are.

My aunt especially loves this scene below with the colored boats pulled up on the shore.  Years later, she still has been entranced by the colorful boats. When I shared this clock below on FaceBook, an amazing thing happened!!  One of my FB friends let me know *exactly* where this photo was taken – by the Algarve Cliffs in Portugal!!  She confirmed with some of her other FB friends and we now know where this photograph was taken. This is only one of the many blessings from worldwide friendship and connection!

Since many of my aunt’s photos were taken quite awhile ago, I have a lovely collection of unique photographs that could never be taken again.

Portugal Seaside IV –

Colorful Boats on the Beach Wallclocks


More of My Fascinating Photos