Lace, quilts, strawberries, chocolate, raspberries, gardens, doilies, peppermint stick, gold, spiders and a forest are a few of the images that have popped out of my mandalas. People see different things in the mandalas as they look at them and others just admire the beauty.

Aqua Lace, Delicate, Abstract Mandala Binder


I create these mandalas by taking a slice of another image of mine and then repeating and rotating it until I create a circle.  I have been using the resulting image as a circle on products for making a non-rectangular image because a circle will look better on many products such as shirts.  But then I have also been squaring them off in a variety of ways to create a square since that looks better on many other things.

Spring Garden Mandala, Bright Abstract Lime

iPad Covers


Here is a very different style mandala I created.  The hot orange, yellow and reds give an opposite feel than the cool blues.  To me,  this looks like a fire ring set up for someone to do a Firewalk.  Notice how the flap lines up with the front of the mandala to give a seamless look.

Firewalk, Abstract Spiritual Quest in Flames

Sleeve For MacBooks


This mandala was created from the same fractal Bubblescape as Aqua Lace.  But I choose a slightly different slice and so it came out very differently.  This is the round mandala Blue Ice Lace and then I squared it off in several ways because I love them all.  A friend pointed out the Angel Ring – this is how I chose the name.

Blue Ice Angel Ring, Abstract Mandala Throw Pillows


More of My Delicious Mandalas


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