My Zazzle Holidays shop showcases paintings for several holidays.  Each holiday has a separate section or you can look at all of them all at once.  Many are abstract fractals and also there are some images that are slightly old fashioned.

Dragons, elves. images, fairies, demons, a coffee freak, goblins and devas are a few of the images that have popped out of my Halloween fractals. People see different things in the images as they look at them and others just admire the beauty.

Dance of the Dragons – Indigo & Amber Eyes Throw Pillow


Many of my Christmas images are slightly old fashioned, warming of the heart and bringing a smile to one’s face,  Christmas trees, Santas, angels, candles, bells and candy canes adorn these fun creations.

Christmas – French Horns & Magenta Drums Greeting Card


My Valentine Paintings come in several styles. Some are more conceptual as Love Birds.  This is one of my Bubblescapes.  Also, there are some more traditional images, plus more types!


Love Birds – Abstract Magenta & Violet Passion Wall Clock


These Angel Paintings are good for Christmas but also angels are wonderful any time of the year – to remind us that these Glorious Beings are there any time we ask for help!  Besides these stylized angels, there are some abstract fractal ones also.


Angels in Blue – Snowflakes & Trumpets Vinyl Binder


I have a series of Animal Images which have fun, slightly abstract animals of all types. These animals are great fun for both children and adults .

Animals – Abstract Purple Turtles & Blue Elephants Clock


These old fashioned Toy Images can bring a smile to anyone’s face!!  Trains, trucks, dolls, kites – who wouldn’t love to play with these toys?


Toys – Red Trucks & Orange Trains MacBook Air Sleeves


Some of my green fractals called me to make a section for Saint Patrick’s Day. These are all abstract St Patrick’s Day – but they offer a very unusual way to celebrate this day when so many of the world want a connection to Ireland.


Irish Goblin – Emerald and Gold Ribbons Throw Pillows


More of My Whimsical Holiday Images