Conundrum I is my signature piece.  This mixed-media (collage) of fabric, paper and paint is my most important piece ever.  My “Eye” logo comes from this artwork.

Conundrum I took me over 100 hours to create.  Besides all the creation time of this painting, there is a deeply personal story. I had laid the whole image out by drawing pencil lines to create the columns, structure, face and hair.  Then it became time to commit to placing fabric and paper.  Sometimes I get stuck at starting things … I was home staying with my parents because I was very sick.

My Mom sat next to me, was extremely interested and helped me sort through what I had prepared.  My Mom and I together chose the first piece and she stayed with me while then I got going.  Given that my Mom is no longer in the physical, this is symbolic of a very precious time for us. I know it meant a lot to my Mom too!


Conundrum I – Abstract Rainbow Woman

Goddess Sleeve For MacBook Air


These Fine Art Goddess paintings are some of the ones closest to my heart. Spirituality is center to my life – even before my art. I am far from perfect, but I strive to be connected to my Soul and Spirit as I move through my day. I offer these paintings to you in the hopes they can inspire you on your own journey.

Anticipation is a poetic, thought provoking, mixed-media (collage) piece of artwork to offer connection and healing. Are the double faces a soul and earth personality joined?  Are they indicative of the connection we all have with each other?  I believe they are gazing into Eternity.

Anticipation – Abstract Gold and Emerald

Goddess Clocks


Quan Yin glows with love from this piece I call In the Garden. When I first got my scanner, I was very excited to see what I could find to scan. The Lilies of the Valley flowers in this digital collage are from my garden.  I was so excited to scan some one way and then to scan the same flowers a different way.

Actually the only reason I even had Lilies of the Valley in my garden was because I transplanted some from my Mom’s garden.   So once again my Mom is involved with my Goddess series!  There are also a lot of silver stars and snowflakes that I put around the lake with the swan and Quan Yin.


In the Garden – Quan Yin & Flowers Binder


Conundrum II uses the same double face structure as Conundrum I and Anticipation.  I laid this structure out very differently to have a similar yet different feeling to this mixed-media painting. I hope this helps connect you to Inner Peace.

All these paintings have been created with the hope to inspire and strengthen your own spiritual journey.  I offer them to you as part of the sisterhood, fellowship, circle as we spiral toward wholeness. We are already whole and One and so many of us are here to bring the Light in Now.

Conundrum II – Golden & Sapphire

Goddess iPad Covers


More of My Visionary Goddess Art