Traditionally, Fine Art has been created using Traditional Mediums, partly meaning not created digitally.  I use traditional mediums including: oil painting, pastel, collage, mixed-media, colored pencils, egg tempera and acrylic painting.  I have dabbled in water color and pen & ink but I am still learning them (as, of course, I am still learning the others).

As with most of my other work, many of these pieces are still whimsical. The Hideaway was painted with pastels.  I think of Peter Pan when I see this.

The Whimsical Hideaway – Purple and Magenta

Heaven MacBook Air Sleeves


I call this The Power of Love and Underground.  I created this piece after my Mom and my 18 year kitty both passed on to Heaven.  They were (and are) both key components in my life.  This is a tribute that our love knows no boundaries or time nor space – that it is timeless and eternal.   All those hearts show my love in the hills and valleys of life.

The Power of Love, Underground –

Crimson & Iris Hearts iPad Cover


Inside and Out is another pastel that I created.  I used the pastel on black paper and you can see some of the black background peeking through.  I love the creamy feel of pastels as I smear them to create a “canvas” to work on.  That is one of my favorite parts!

Inside and Out – Abstract Azure &

Crimson Passage Wallclocks


Arriving is also a tribute to my Mom and my kitty.  This shows the party that they threw when my kitty arrived in kitty Heaven.  They were delighted to see him … and he and my Mom are happy now and they keep watch over me until I join them.

Arriving – Fun Party in Red, Yellow & Blue

Throw Pillows


More of My Fine Art in Traditional Mediums