I know firsthand how important special animal friends are to many people.  This little tux kitty below is my exceptional animal companion.  We have had 18 glorious years together.  At the animal shelter he came right over and let me know that he wanted to go home with me.  That was a decision I never regretted.

Freckles in Flowers II – Tuxedo Kitty Cat Binder


I create these delicious little vignettes with personal animal friends, in both flowers and butterflies.  One of my friend’s cat’s name is Mimosa (like the flower).  She asked me to create a scene with Mimosa in Mimosa flowers.

Chi Chi the little chihuahua loves to pose in hats. I created these unusual images of her both in butterflies and flowers.  Actually, I have 5 scenes for these significant creatures – 2 of flowers and 3 of different color butterflies. And it is 6 if you include the Mimosa flowers. I even have my own kitty Freckles with Easter eggs but I have not recreated it yet in a way that I can share with other animals.

Chi Chi in Flowers – Chihuahua Puppy

in Cute Hat Throw Pillow


This chocolate point Siamese cat is my cousin’s kitty,  She is part of the family. I have the cats and dogs from my own family plus others have asked me to use their own animal companion friends as models. My nieces and nephew are thrilled to see their pets all fancied up in flowers and butterflies. I also have a little white-tailed fawn (a baby deer) and a bear cub (baby bear).

I first tripped over this idea playing with a computer program and an image my aunt took of my beloved kitty cat. Unfortunately at the beginning it never occurred to me that others might find these interesting.  So I didn’t work in layers which means a lot of time for recreation of the images.

Stella in Butterflies

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Wall Clock


Now I have files with over 50 layers of flowers and others with over 50 layers of butterflies.  I can slip in an image (after I remove the animal from its own background) and then adjust the flowers and butterflies so they work for that particular image.

Due to popular demand, I now offer this as a service.  Since it takes me hours to do, it is something I charge for.  I am very pleased that so many people are taken with these unique creations for special animal companions. Feel free to contact me for details if you are interested.

Lady in Butterflies – Brittany Spaniel Dog

iPad Sleeves


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