Bubblescapes are tiny little fantasy, magical, often mystical, worlds which I have created. They vary from outer (and inner) space to ocean views to bubbles strolling down the walk together at night.

People often ask me how I make such unique scenes.  I use a couple of different computer programs, apparently in a way that no one else does.  I am wanting to try my hand at Bubblescapes with traditional mediums.

Spring Renewal – Lemon & Lime Life Force

Postage Stamp

As you can see some of the small universes have translucent bubbles which allow one to see below the surface.  This adds to the sense of depth and mystery.

Heavenly Sea Shells, Abstract Pastel Beach Pillow

This is one of my original Bubblescapes set in the middle of the ocean.  Color, form and weather give a myriad sense of feelings and place.  I would like to visit this Tropical Island myself.

Tropical Morning – Magenta and Turquoise Paradise

iPad Covers

Another Bubblescape set in the wide, wide sea has a very different feel.  These amazing blues, teals, aqua, cyan, green and turquoise play off each other and together.  This is to encourage one to dream one’s wildest, most inspiring dreams!

Ocean Dreams
Aqua and Violet Ocean Fantasy iPad Sleeve


More of My Magical Bubblescapes