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I have created some whimsical, poetic, mind-expanding pieces of fine art using fractals. People see various things in the fractals as they look at them and others just admire the color and beauty. Sometimes I see an angel dipping her wing into this fractal below – Wings of Angels.

Wings of Angels – Lavender & Amethyst Crystals

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There are multiple computer programs available to create fractals, each which are unique to the particular mathematical structures being used. Some programs use the same formulas but the effects are diverse. Lots of these computer programs are accessible on the web, free of charge. Many of these programs are specifically for either Mac or PC, although some are for both.

Ways of creating fractals range from using computer programs that are extremely deep and amazingly detailed to manipulating fractal brushes made for Photoshop. I want to make it clear I have seen some deeply intricate and spiritual art created with Photoshop brushes. Some of these computer programs allow one to go infinitely deep into an image. Because it is mathematical, at each layer one reaches, another is already being shown to explore. Pretty mind-blowing!! Due to the nature of fractals, each one is individual and unique.

Glowing Burst of Color – Teal & Violet Deva

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Back in the old days when computers were housed in a gigantic rooms because they were so large, I had the chance to attend a lecture on Using Math in Art. I loved math already and had a faint inkling (one unspoken yet even to myself) that I wanted to create art. It totally grabbed my attention and imagination and I even bought the book, which I still have. It has been a long road in computers, programing and mathematical art, but fractals are the culmination of that original work by so many.

Dance of the Spheres II – Cosmic Violet & Teal

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It is very exciting to me to be able to combine math and art as fractals do! To me, each fractal allows one to go into a little cosmos to see things in an unusual way. I am not sure if this image below is a window on a space ship in the outer reaches of space or it is a pair of glasses to see every day life differently? Or perhaps it is a window into one’s soul. No matter the interpretation, I think these little worlds are wonderful!

Window into the Universe – Magenta & Cyan

Abstract Wallclocks


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