Susan Elkin has an array of photography that is as diverse as it is stunning!!  She can look anywhere, see magic and then bring that magic alive for the rest of us through her photos.  Here I see a little pathway where the fairies are traveling and hiding as the beautiful light pours down.

Black-Eyed Susans 3 Ring Binders


These are some beautiful roses that my daughter sent me for Mother’s Day.  We put them in a ruby colored glass pitcher and they looked enchanting.   Then the sun came out, pouring onto the roses and Susan captured this extraordinary display.

Roses I MacBook pro sleeves


Susan has a whole Night Light series.  She went out around midnight after a rainstorm and found some gorgeous reflections in the most ordinary places. One of her Night Light photos of our small downtown makes Greenfield look like Paris (actual quote from someone looking an art show).

This Night Light photo is reflections of a local shop.  The one image in the store window gets reflected endlessly in this amazing photograph. To me it feels so much like a little world that Susan stumbled upon and captured for us to enjoy!

Pink-Lucky Nails Mugs


Even local people who have walked by and walked up these stairs rarely recognize this delightful stairway to heaven. Susan passed by just an average old flight of stairs and brought life and enchantment to these gold and green dappled stone stairs that let the viewer know that mystery beckons from the top.


The Green Stairway 3 Ring Binders


I love Stargazer Lilies!! They open my heart and bring a smile to my face.  These are actually some of my own Stargazer Lilies that Susan brought to life with her photographs of them.  It is so delicious and enjoyable to be able to see these Stargazer Lilies all year round!


Stargazer Lilies Pink & Magenta Mugs


More of Susan’s Marvelous Photos


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