Carolien Blom is a wonderful, creative and diverse artist.  She grew up in The Netherlands and is currently living in Denmark.  Carolien is a graphic design with a hunger for all sorts of creative processes! She works in various styles and always put her own twist on that method. I am amazed at the breath of colors, techniques, genres and tones that Carolien comes up with!

I love these romantic images she has created.  It was hard to chose among the pink, blue and yellow flowers on different backgrounds!  She also has several individual or grouped flowers. Carolien took one of these sets of flowers and created this lovely sweet floral pattern.

Romantic flower pattern 3 ring binders

I am very taken with this series of Zentangles that Carolien has constructed! It is fun to see what she can do with pen and ink – especially because she considers herself a vector graphic designer! It is my understanding that one is very free when creating these Zendoodles.  This is amazing to me – hard to believe Carolien could allow this to just flow out. (But of course I do believe Carolien … and in another way I am not surprised at all!)

Jewel Leaf Zendoodle Trinket Boxes

I am quite taken with this glorious collage of fantastic golden orbs!  I love the detail of each of these shining gold wheels, discs and other mechanisms … The detail and the placement give quite a sense of magic to this beautiful pattern!

Faux Golden Suns pattern Greeting Cards

Carolien often uses the same avatar or logo around the web.  When I saw she had this mandala in her Zandiepants shop and not only in her Fractals and Mandalas store, I just had to share this fascinating mandala here.  This gives you some hint of Waving Flames and motivation to go look at her other page here and her shop at Zazzle (and her store at CafePress too!

In the eye of the ASTRE mandala Custom Announcements


More Beautiful Delight from Zandiepants


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