Carolien Blom is a fantastic designer of Kaleidoscopes, Mandalas, Fractals and other Abstract Art, all found at Waving Flames. She is from The Netherlands and living in Denmark at this time. I work closely with Carolien on some POD Projects so I have seen much of her amazing abstract art!!  (POD means Print on Demand such as Zazzle and CafePress.  We artists put our art up on products in our shops, and then the company prints and ships them as they are bought).

It was hard to decide between Carolien’s Fairy Wings fractal and her Fairy Wings Mandala. They are both in gorgeous, vibrant purples, violet, lavender, orchid and amethyst.  The delicacy of both images is very uplifting to me.   I ended deciding to put both so you could see the transformational change for yourself.

Fairy Wings Post Card

One can see the startling change there can be from a fractal transforming into a mandala! The Fairy Wings make me feel light and free and Fairy Wings Mandala draws me.  They are each a creative gem that can stand on its own!

Fairy Wings Mandala Napkin

This has been another favorite of mine for a long time – Rainbow Glowing Lights.  My eyes can’t stop moving from one place to another but at they same time they are resting in a couple of places. I think Fairies are here too!  I love the way you can see the thickness of the folds.

Rainbow Glowing Lights iPhone 5 cases


This mandala also makes me happy!  I love the soft pink center (I think of it as a heart) and then Light, Love and Joy spin out around it in a fun way.  The geometric aspects of this kaleidoscope keep me looking at it and following the energy around and around in an outward spiral.  I see this image with Carolien a lot – so I always think of her when I see this glorious sun of vibrance!


Pink Passion kaleidoscope 3 Ring Binders

Here is Carolien’s avatar or logo on a scarf!  Zazzle now has scarves and I think this is very beautiful.  The blues, aqua, purple and at the edges green connect me to this mandala. Then there are these deep blue rings, going into pink, inward to yellow – lovely!!  Most mandalas I read from the inside out but with this one, I always start at the aqua blue – perhaps because it is such a large field of color.  I think this scarf is stunning with these mandalas!

Center Point Mandala Scarves

While I was looking for the fractals and mandalas that I know best, I stumbled across Carolien’s Blossoming Friendship Kaleidoscope. This is a sweet kaleidoscope with a very different feel than some of Carolien’s other work.  It looks deceptively simple and yet the energy has a very strong pulse (that pink layer sort of half way out keeps going around and around).  I really enjoy the sense of flame on the outside and the pink star in the middle is pretty.  I am glad I found this today!

Blossoming Friendship Kaleidoscope 3 Ring Binder

Carolien and I sometimes help each other with art that we are each working on.  And we get inspiration from each others’ artwork. This flame below is so amazing and vibrant and fun!!  It gives me the inspiration to move toward some more of my ideas I haven’t followed up on yet.

Carolien’s Waving Flames shop has dozens of mandala, fractals, kaleisoscopes and other abstract art. There is quite a bit of organization in her shop and I spent a lot of time wandering around.  Check it out – it will be worth it! (Carolien’s store at CafePress is!

Fire Triangle Greeting Cards


More Vibrant Fractals and Mandalas from WavingFlames


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  1. Hi, I just ordered your business cards on Zazzle, and I am wondering if you can make it into a CAR MAGNET please?

    • Hi Kate,
      I’m the one who designed these business cards on Zazzle. I don’t see that Zazzle offers car magnets at the moment (but you might know something I don’t 🙂 )

      If you wish you can email me at carolien(at) (off course replacing the (at) with a @ 🙂 )

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