Marta Harvey is a very special artist who experiments in a large variety of mediums.  Marta grew up in Portugal. She was one of the first artists I met online and I have always been quite taken with the different processes she uses when she paints and draws trees!

Often when I see Marta’s artwork, I am sure I can reach out and touch the 3D materials she has used.  That means she is also an excellent photographer for being able to represent her work on paper so vividly online and on products.

Trees, sky and moon are some of the subjects that Marta often works with while creating her art.  I love this classical (for Marta) tree, sky and moon!  I love the way she used branches to break up the image into distinct areas and then she treats each one.  Often Marta also uses a lot of cross hatching in the background as it approaches the moon. I love Marta’s choice of colors she uses and the way she uses them!!  I love her work!

Watercolor Pen and Ink Tree – Lavender Pink Throw Pillow

Here is an example of Marta’s use of cross hatching.  This is a similar subject but Marta used pen and ink to create a lot of other texture.  If you notice, you can also see the texture of the paper Marta used.

Tree and Moon – Blue and Yellow Watercolors Greeting Cards

Marta really enjoys experimenting with materials and techniques.  To me this looks like I could reach out and touch the actual tree and moon!  You see here she is still working with the tree, moon and sky motif.  Over the years I have seen her work evolve as she tries new methods on these trees, skies and moons.  In no way do I mean evolve in the sense of getting better – I totally love Marta’s original work also!

Mixed Media Tree and Moon Greeting Cards

Here is a different subject matter for Marta – but still nature.  She has taken such time to layer different materials as a base and then use her paints and inks on top of these textures.  This is another one of my favorites.  Marta has other series of work if you check out her shop and also notice some of her work below.

White Daisy on Blue Background – Collage Greeting Cards


More Wonderful Items from Marta


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