Lynda Lehmann is a master of color and form! She has a unique eye that sees things in a slightly different way and brings that vision to us.  Lynda paints in acrylic and watercolor, photographs nature plus creates fantastic digital art!  Lynda’s art is mostly abstract with a focus on Abstract Expressionism.

Lynda has an amazing eye for the interplay of design and color.  I love this geometric pillow.  I think it was digitally created, but Lynda could have layered paint to create this masterpiece. Many of her pieces have a deeper philosophical or spiritual aspect. I could look at this pillow for a long time … going into the space to see more. That seems like a good characteristic for something one will look at quite a bit!

Out of the Ether Abstract Geometric Pillow

This fun reflection has vivd and cheerful greens and yellows that can really brightened up a room!  Lynda’s lush colors keep me looking again and again, trying to figure out the relationship between the upper and the lower.  This is a lovely contemporary piece of digital art!

Sleepytime American MoJo Pillow

I go deep within this pillow to see the exchange between the vibrant blues, soft purples and deep black and greens.  There is a sense to me that there is a meaning here that I will want to understand.  But in the meantime, it is a lovely pillow for just about any room.

No Illusions American MoJo Pillow


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  1. Hi Diane! I don’t know when you posted this, but thank you so much for the lovely, lovely write-up. I so appreciate your taking the time to display and write about my art and products! And as always, you have done so with so much heart. I will return the favor as soon as I can see my way to do so! Thank you again very, very much.

    My love to you,


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