Flamin Cat Designs enjoys taking photographs and doing graphic designs on the computer.   Kat has a very distinct favorite subject for her photos! In one word – CATS!

Kat came up with this amazing fractal design of a cat.  I am totally in awe and amazed at what she has created!  Of course it is a Bengal cat!  The eyes in this painting have me mesmerized!  I think this is my very favorite cat image of hers!

Bengal Cat Fractal iPhone 5 Cover

Flamin Cat Designs lives with her very favorite subjects – two Bengal Cats and a Savannah Cat.   This is Kat’s logo for the Flamin Cat Designs business.  I think it is totally cute!!

Flamin Cat Travel Mug

Flamin Cat Designs creates fun, hot and cute photos and graphics.  Kat has a lot of work created with paw prints.  Here you can see one image of a cat, wearing a pattern, with paws around.  Kathas lovely and fun cats!

Teal Patterned Cat On Black MoJo Pillows


More Fun Cats from Flamin Cat Designs