Brenda Thour is an accomplished painter.  In her process of gathering photographs for reference for her paintings, Brenda has created an incredible collection of nature, landscape, wildlife and pet photographs.

The delicate interplay between the vibrant pink flower and the soft green leaves is set off against a stunning black box.  The flower is beautiful in its own right, but together it is quite eye catching!

Clematis Premium Gift Box

I love peacocks – there is no way around it! The shining iridescent colors of the feathers always catches my attention – especially the shimmering patterns of the tail.  Brenda has done a fabulous job of catching this beauty!

Beautiful Peacock Pillow

Again, I have chosen this photograph from Brenda’s vast collection of photography since I love the lotus flower or water lily.  And I sure do love the way Brenda has gotten the magic between pink and green again.  I am delighted to know Brenda as a friend and also very happy to see her lovely art!

Hot Pink Water Lily Printed Napkin


More Beautiful Photos from Brenda


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