Brenda Thour is an amazing and accomplished artist – both in painting and in photography.  This shop is her oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings.  Brenda showcases nature, landscapes, wildlife and pets – she has quite a variety in her shops!

These loons at dusk is such a magical painting of Brenda’s!!  Whenever I see this painting, I am sure it is a photograph … but even more realistic and enchanting than a photo!  Brenda’s love of nature always shines through!

Loons At Twilight Necklace

A red cardinal on a branch against a sky – Brenda has made this painting into something more!  It feels very symbolic to me … of the power of nature.

Red Cardinal mug

The sky in this painting is marvelous!  Brenda has such a gift of creating a lovely context in nature for her subjects.  This one has versions with “Merry Christmas” and also just plain lovely as below.

Winter Wonderland aceo Postcard


More Lovely Paintings from Brenda


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