Amanda Rain has an incredible ability to create and share an amazing amount of different kinds of art! This shop features some of Amanda’s stunning fractals.  I got totally engrossed in the amount and variety as I chose a few to share with you.

Amanda has a wonderful ability to create many fractals that seem to convey a great depth of meaning. The interplay between hot pink, magenta, peach and orange is wonderful in itself – but when there is this glorious black shape in the center, it becomes something greater.

Stunning Peach Pink Fractal RING BINDERS

Pink, purple, peach, amber are delightful in this fractal.  Then there is this a vibrant crystal in the center.  Soft greens hold this gem together … and then there are streams of light emerging from the center.  All just glorious!

Delicate Pink Violet Fractal COVER FOR iPad

Elegance created with light and deep olive greens plus plum and eggplant purples! The shape evokes a sense of royalty and delicacy at the same time.  Baby sky blue sets off this whole jeweled creation!

Elegant Green Purple Fractal BINDERS


More Stunning Fractals from Amanda


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