I offer many ornaments of different types.  I think they are so pretty – especially since there are so many shapes, styles and images to choose from. I hope you will be inspired to look around and see if one catches your fancy.

Here is one of my Fanciful Animal Images – my brother’s black Labrador Retriever in pretty flowers. There are other dogs, cats and even a baby White-Tailed deer (fawn) to select from.

Abby in Flowers – Black Lab Dog Christmas Ornament


This is a fractal that I have created that has an image of an angel and her wings in it. One of my friends says that this painting is her very favorite!  I offer this image both in my Fractals shop and my Holidays shop.  Angels are fun any time of the year because they remind us of the angelic help that is always available if we ask.  And angels of course are especially fun around the Holiday season and Christmas!

Blue Angel – Cosmic Azure & Lemon Ornament


I love these Inner Flow series of Bubblescapes.  To me they are both tiny little universes and deep inner being.  I love the way these apple green and plum purple with highlights of orange float effortlessly across this rose violet background.  Inner Space or Outer Space?  I am never sure … but I think they are fun and whimsical!

Inner Flow I Abstract Fractal Green Purple Galaxy


These swirls are part of my Whimsical Metsphysical series .. and also it is a Fractal.  I created this one strand at a time.  Each of these wisps took about an hour of computer time – so you can see this was quite a feat!  There are more whimsical, fanciful, beautiful, fun ornaments if you look.

Violet & Indigo Swirls Christmas Tree Ornament


More of My Delicious Mandalas


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