These cool plates can be used for display or actually used as plates to eat from.  They are non-toxic, dishwasher safe and drop and break resistant.  So whether you want a plate to brighten up your room or your table, I have lots to share with you.  I have created this page so you can see the plates across my various shops.

Angels Wings is a delicate, pastel, rainbow, digital fractal painting. I love seeing how the angel is dipping her wing into our sight to remind us of angelic support and help.  It is always there if we just reach out our spirit and ask for it!  This image is both in the Fractal shop and also the Holidays shop.  Angels are fun anytime and extra fun around the Holidays.

Wings of Angels – Celestite & Amethyst Crystals Plates


This plate showcases my beautiful baby Freckles, my companion for 18 years.  Here he basks in these purple, blue, aqua, green and pink butterflies.  He loves that many people are taken with this little black and white tuxedo cat.  Tux kitties rule! I have many other cats, dogs and even a baby deer (fawn).


Freckles in Butterflies II – Black and White Cat Plate


Dawn of Time is an inspirational Fractal that brings together mysterious and metaphysical elements. I see Time starting on the left hand of the painting and developing, changing and flowing as life goes on and becomes more complex.  The little row of seeds across the middle signify the March of Time.  You can see something else in this painting, but this is what grabs my attention.  I have lots more exciting Fractals (and other style images) too.


Dawn of Time – Lime & Gold Emerge Plate


This is another Fractal. This fractal has an explosion of color emerging from the bottom left corner.  I see green strands of life expanding into life from this nest.  The rhythmic and geometric movement grabs my attention.  I love the floating blue, purple and pink globes of life. I am excited to be able to showcase for you so many plates all in one place.


Dance of the Spheres II – Cosmic Violet & Teal Dinner Plates


More of My Unique Plates

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