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At Zazzle people will often shop by going to a particular shop to see a friend’s images on merchandise.  Or perhaps they will search all of Zazzle for a certain product with a distinct characteristic.  So someone might search for “Abstract Messenger Bags” or “Pink Messenger Bags”.  Then 1000s of products will come up from 100s of shops.

Given that I have 11 shops at Zazzle, if someone wants to see all the Messenger Bags I have, they could go to each shop.  But that would take a lot of time.  A much quicker way is to search for “Diane+Clancy product” – for instance, “Diane+Clancy napkins” or “Diane+Clancy Messenger Bags”.  Then some of my napkins or messenger bags will show up.  (By no means all of my products of that type, but one would get a decent cross-section of what I offer).

If you already know which image of mine you would like to see on a product, you can easily go to that shop and click on the section with that image!  You can also go to one of my images and see if any items grab your fancy!

Making it Easier for You

I want to make it easy for you to go look for a certain product with my art on it. There are some pages in the above drop down with specific products – such as greeting cards, plates and US postage.  I have brought those products to this site so you can see many of mine together (a few slip by like Clancy the cat that aren’t mine, but the majority are).  So you can just go to those drop down pages.

The mechanism that allows me to do that is not working for some of the merchandise I particularly want to share with you.  Instead of having to go through 11 shops, I am putting together items of from all the shops all at once to make them available for you to look at easily.

So I am showcasing two of each of these items – with a link for you to be able to see more of them all together.  It is the same search as above – I have just wanted to make it a little easier for you!

Diane’s Whimsical Clocks

The Power of Love, Underground is a testimony to my Mom and to my kitty companion about the Power of Love through all time and space. This is near and dear to my heart!

The Power of Love, Underground – Crimson Red Hearts

Abstract Round Wall Clocks

Balancing is one of my Bubblescapes that hopefully will help you keep your Equilibrium, no matter what is going on.  It has a peaceful feel.

Balancing – Abstract Fuchsia & Violet Equilibrium Wall Clocks


Want to see more of my clocks?  Click Diane’s Clocks


Diane’s Beautiful Pillows

I think Aqua Lace is an incredibly beautiful Mandala!  The soft blue cyan and turquoise with white and royal blue creates a rhythm that brings a sense of joy to my heart.

Aqua Lace, Delicate, Abstract Mandala Throw Pillow

Dance of the Spheres II is a beautiful contrast between a deep midnight black and the rainbow of life and colors that emerge.  It feels very hopeful to me.

Dance of the Spheres II – Cosmic Violet & Teal Pillow


Want to find more pillows from me?  Click Diane’s Pillows


Diane’s MacBook Sleves

Freckles is my kitty companion of 18 years.  He is so happy here in the field of butterflies as he sits and contemplates life.  Something most of us could do more of.

Freckles in Butterflies II – Tuxedo Cat MacBook Sleeve

Crystal Sunrise is an amazing fractal in bright and vibrant rainbow colors!  This is enough to wake up almost anyone to the joy of life!

Crystal Sunrise – Abstract Fractal Rainbow Sleeve For MacBook Pro


Want to see more of my MacBook sleeves?  Click Diane’s Mac Sleeves


Diane’s Premium Jewelry Boxes


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