I create many different kinds of paintings, both in traditional mediums such as oil and also in a variety of digital formats.  Bubblescapes, pastel flowers, fanciful animals, goddess and more come in Art Cards.

Art Cards, ACEOs, are the same size as the popular baseball cards (2.5″ x 3.5″).  Just like baseball cards, ACEOs are a great, relatively affordable, way to collect an artist’s art and also trade with others.


I have hundreds of different images already made into ACEOs and can also print up another one if you are interested in purchasing an Art Card that you don’t already see!


I have also created a series of original Art Cards in pastels.  These are One Of A Kind (OOAK).  I do offer archival prints of them, but that is a different item than the original itself.


I hope you might be inspired to collect my art in this way that doesn’t take much room, but still allows for variety – at a lot less money than larger pieces.  I hope you enjoy!


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