I have offered archival fine art prints in brick and mortar shops, fairs and also online.  My prints are still in some local shops. I print these myself on our own high quality printer to make sure each person gets an image that will accurately reflect my artwork.

This is an image of my kitty companion of 18 years.  He is sitting in a field of lovely flowers watching nature and life – as he contemplates what is about to happen.


I present my prints in a variety of ways.  I offer both matted and unmatted.  Also I sell my paintings framed with glass and already for hanging.

Conundrum III is a mixed-media piece that took many hours to create from pencil, paint, fabric and paper.  I hope this painting will help people to connect with Spirit and their own Souls.


My Bubblescapes series engages many people.  This one is part of my Simple Pleasures Bubblescape series.  It is called Bliss.  I love feeling Blissful and I bet you do too!  I hope this image will support your own feelings of Bliss.


Bottlescape II is a pastel painting that has an Alice in Wonderland feel.  I can see myself going right into this Tea Party with goblets, vases, tea pot and tea cups that are bigger than myself.  I hope my art will brighten your day and enchant and inspire you!  Purchasing a print is one way to always have my art around you!


More Delightful Prints from Diane



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