When I first started selling my artwork I printed archival 5″ x 7″ fine art cards.  I sell them at Etsy.  I also have been to fairs and sold many cards.  Back before the greeting card industry changed, I was in over 30 different brick and mortar stores within Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut, US.  That was a very exciting time!

These semi-abstract little animals are fun cards for both adults and children.  One of my friends said that he felt that each time he gave someone one of my cards, that he was giving them a gift.  These cards can easily be framed.


I am very grateful that I found Etsy to be able to offer high quality archival print cards directly to my customers worldwide!!  I love that folks are enchanted with so many of my images!!  Love Birds is a Bubblescape that shows two beings together and loving each other.


I have a whole series I have created of Fanciful Animal Images.  This is my sister’s dog in a field of flowers.  This little white Westie (West Highland White Terrier) is delighted as she faces into the breeze, enjoying life.


Nature Reflections II is one of my Whimsical digital paintings that I created from a photograph and then digitally altered that photograph. I have been touched that many people enjoy this!

I think it is wonderful that so many people still want to send cards to others for that personal touch.  I hope I can be helpful to you with that!


More 5×7″ Fine Art Cards from Diane




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