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This photograph came from a faded slide. Diane Clancy restored the vibrancy and gave the image life. The photographer was delighted to see that she (the photographer) had created such beauty! This also allows you to preserve these images and share them with the whole family. This helps preserve family history.

Diane Clancy also have taken shadows out of old pictures and taken out unwanted parts of an image. This enables you to enjoy your old (and new) precious photographs more fully.

Beth Caurant, who is a musician, songwriter and founder of Lilith (one of the first, successful all female bands), says, "I had been planning to archive my collection of Lilith memorabilia for a few years. My work with Diane began in 2003 when I asked her to scan my photos of the band onto disc. ... If you have any digital work that you need done, you will find Diane's work exceptional. And just as important, working with her was a breeze. Thank you Diane!" says Beth. Please give Diane a call at 413.773.7333.

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