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The People's Voice of Franklin County, "Featured Artist" Article, Summer 2006

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Featured Artist: Our Own Diane Clancy, Activist, Painter “Painting keeps me connected to the sense of the mystery of life.” This statement in the bio on Diane Clancy's web page says a lot about this creative and intensely spiritual woman. Diane has lived in Franklin County since l971. Her life's passion was born when, in 1988 at UMass, an art teacher recognized her talent and coaxed her into the art department. She had almost completed a BA in both computer science and math, but, while dealing with illness, had decided to take a break by enrolling in a textile design course. Since then, her vibrant and colorful paintings have been exhibited in many shows and have been reproduced in archival prints and fine art note cards. Diane speaks of going into “my soul and the universe” when she paints, where she tries to find “what feels good inside…what feels strong.” Besides her painting in traditional media, Diane also enjoys working digitally. “It is exciting to work with color and form so directly.” “Enhancing spirit” is still her focus. Diane licenses her images for others to use. Diane has also been involved in graphic design for many years, as a designer of covers and inserts for music CDs, fliers, brochures, politcal campaign literature, and, early on, our own People's Voice. She was instrumental in 1984 in the creation of this newsletter, along with Scott Reed. At that time called The Franklin County Progressive Netletter, its mission was to connect people and activities promoting fairness and cooperation: issues like peace, environment and health, and social and economic justice. Diane collaborates with her partner, photographer Susan Elkin, in their graphic design business. They enjoy working closely with their clients to create matertials to showcase each venture's uniqueness. www.dianeclancy.com Lady in Butterflies, Diane Clancy Diane Clancy, a long-time resident of Western Massachusetts, has been active in peace, environmental, health, and social and economic justice issues. Her vibrant paintings feature color and vision, using both digital and a variety of traditional media. Her purpose, she says, “is to uplift and inspire people.”

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