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Beautiful Copper Raspberry Maple Tree

Beautiful Bittersweet Opinion, Copper Raspberry Maple Tree. Abstract orator bubble stands gracefully on a soap box with a copper and magenta meadow and pink skies above. Elegant bubbles of orange, gold, purple, raspberry, flame and more, all under a bronze maple tree. Clouds reflect in the sky above. Bittersweet Opinion, Clarity and Connection, is a tribute to the beauty that is created when diverse communities all come together to bring harmony, peace and joy to all.  The tree and the sky are always there to remind us of our connection to the goddess and nature.  This leader is here to bring people to a common understanding for the benefit of all. This is to inspire, delight and uplift you!
Bittersweet Opinion, Bronze Raspberry Maple Tree Shower Curtain


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* Tough durable waterproof polyester fabric, preventing water from splashing out.
* One-side printing, using heat dye sublimation technique, long-lasting effects.
* Easy cleaning, machine/hand washable in cold water. Air dry. Do NOT bleach or tumble dry.

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