Want To Go on an Adventure?

Do you like vibrant colors?  Do you like to explore fun, new universes?  Then take a look at these Flip Flops … they will dance you into another reality!  Aqua, cyan and turquoise will bring you into Ocean Dreams … these enchanting bubbles will allow you to float into your day dreams with an extra boost.

Who Created these Flip Flops?

I have created many vibrant, colorful paintings to inspire and uplift you.  Through Diane Clancy’s Art, I am making my art available in an affordable way for you in your everyday life.  I have heard from many how much my art means to them … so then here is a way you can wear my art, have fun and find another way to look at life!

 Get Ready to Travel into Another Dimension

Ocean Dreams, Glorious Skies and Tropical Morning are Bubblescapes to inspire and get you moving on your dreams!  The Green Earth, Wings of Angels and Emerging Galaxies are abstract fractal flip flops.  I have lots of matching items to these Flip Flops too … and so many more Flip Flops.

For something with a holiday flair see these Christmas flip flops!

Flip Flips from Another Realm



Santa, Reindeer, Cookies and Candy Canes Flip Flops

Christmas Horns and Bells against a green background Flip Flops

Christmas, Swans, Angels, Candles and Top Hats Flip Flops

Ocean Dreams - Aqua Violet Flip Flops, vibrant abstract ocean in cyan, aqua, turquoise and purple with enchanting bubbles

Glorious Skies - Abstract lovely Pink and Green pretty bubbles over a delicate ocean

Tropical Morning - Abstract Aqua Magenta exciting ocean in cyan, aqua, turquoise and yellow with enchanting bubbles
Abstract Fractals

The Green Earth Abstract Lime and Amber Flip Flops Flip Flops, looks like an modern map of rivers

Wings of Angels Amethyst Lavender Crystals Flip Flops, Angelic help, cosmic consciousness, total alignment with the universe is just a breath away, right here, right now.

Abstract Fractal Emerging Galaxies, Teal & Lime Currents Flip Flops, Joyfully Streaming into the Unknown

Product Information from CafePress

These cool and custom flip flops will knock your socks off! Choose from a boatload of designs that reflect your sandal style. Our waterproof thong flip flops are perfect for the beach, around the house or to the mall. For an endless summer of fun on your feet, slip on a pair of personalized flip flops from CafePress.

11 Sizes are available in each design (small through x-large for children and women, small through large for men).  They straps come in color choices of black, Caribbean blue, pink and orange.  Each Flip Flop comes in all sizes with all color strap choices.

Where From Here?

Please check back as I will continue adding more Flip Flops.  I will continue to share many more matching and harmonious items that may tempt you to decorate yourself and your house in these images.   Thank you!! ~ Diane Clancy


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