Want To Create a Bedroom Fantasy?

Do you like vibrant colors? Do you like to explore fun, new universes? Then take a look at these Duvet Covers … they will dance you into another reality! Aqua, cyan and turquoise will bring you into Ocean Dreams … these enchanting bubbles will allow you to float into your day dreams with an extra boost.  See the Bubblescape Duvet Covers from CafePress page to see Ocean Dreams Duvet Cover.

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Who Created these Duvet Covers?

I have created many vibrant, colorful paintings to inspire and uplift you. Through Diane Clancy’s Art, I am making my art available in an affordable way for you in your everyday life. I have heard from many how much my art means to them … so then here is a way you can wear my art, have fun and find another way to look at life!  I delight to think you might create a bedroom you love with my duvet covers, curtains and rugs!

Which Shops Offer Duvet Covers Now?

CafePress originally was the only POD (Print On Demand) shop that offered Duvet Covers.  It is now very exciting that Society 6, ArtsAdd and RedBubble all also carry Duvet Covers!!  Each one has differences among them and it is exciting to have so many choices.  Of course other places now also offer them but this is where I am currently selling them. I am delighted to be able to offer you so many Home Decor items now.

Where From Here?

Please check back as I will continue adding more Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases. I will continue to share many more matching and harmonious items that may tempt you to decorate yourself and your house in these images. Thank you!! ~ Diane Clancy



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