About Me (Diane Clancy)

I create vibrant paintings that feature color and vision to inspire and uplift people. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to express myself through painting. I love that people say my artwork enhances their lives. My use of color is her unifying theme across a wide variety of contemporary styles and mediums that you can see. Bubblescapes, Fanciful Animals, Fractal and more.


Collectors have called my work poetic, whimsical, celestial, peaceful, serene, healing, fun, new age and thought provoking. My work ranges from goddess and visionary images to creative and unusual figures and landscapes. I have a line of imaginative fanciful animal images. Also, I created a stunning series of Bubblescapes that will amaze you.  My contemporary art is available as giclee reproductions, selected originals, and for licensing.

My Facebook Pages

https://Facebook.com/DianeClancyArt and https://Facebook.com/DianeClancyArtShops.


https://twitter.com/DianeClancy and https://twitter.com/DianeZazzle.

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All My Shops Together

You can find all my Online Shops at https://www.dianeclancy.com/Shops.  This is a work in progress so please excuse the construction. 🙂

POD Shops – Print on Demand

NOTE** some of my shops are somehow dancing over to my iShop. So for these shops instead of active links, I have given you the url. Very sorry about the inconvenience!

POD (Print on Demand) shops actually do the printing and ship them to you when you buy them.  I get a % of the sale but you do not pay any more!

You can check out my new iShop www.iShop.DianeClancy.com to see lots of items together.

My paintings can be purchased on merchandise at www.Zazzle.com/DianeClancy.  From here you can see all 11 of my Zazzle shops.  There are examples of each type of painting in this shop so you can choose where to explore.

I have some wonderful paintings on merchandise at  www.CafePress.com/DianeClancy. Three are even shower curtains that you can choose from!   www.Redbubble.com/people/DianeClancy is one of the several other shops I have set up.

Print All Over Me (PAOM) has some fabulous fashion and accessories with designs printed on the whole item.  I love it!!

ArtsAdd (www.ArtsAdd.com/store/DianeClancy) has an incredible range of Home Decor items and full print fashion. CowCow  (www.DianeClancyGiftShop.com) has hundreds of items including shower curtains and full print fashion of a different style than PAOM. I have started a shop at LiveHeroes https://liveheroes.com/en/brand/DianeClancy.

Some other POD Shops are INKtastic at https://inktastic.dianeclancy.com/ and Fine Art America (FAA) https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/diane-clancy.html.  Imagekind https://dianeclancy.imagekind.com is another shop where I have some work.

Greeting Card Universe https://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/dianeclancy and iCraft.ca https://icraft.ca/dianeclancy are other online places you can find my art.

Shops Direct from Me

There are some shops where I post work and then when you buy it, I ship it directly to you.  Any of my art is available to be sold directly from me on greeting cards, Art Cards, prints, mated and framed.  I have a very large collection of Art Cards, ACEOs which are the size of baseball cards 2.5 x 3.5″.  These are only available through me.

I sell this art on Etsy at www.Etsy.com/shop/DianeClancy.  Also you can find some of my art at Bonanza at https://www.bonanza.com/booths/dianeclancy and Zibbet at https://www.zibbet.com/dianeclancy. PinkLion also has some of my work at https://www.pinklion.com/DianeClancysArt

Learn More About Me

You can learn more about me and my artwork – please visit www.DianeClancy.com and www.DianeClancy.com/blog.

Social Media


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DianeClancy
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/DianeClancy
FlipBoard: https://flipboard.com/@DianeClancyArt
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dianeaclancy
Polyvore: https://dianeclancy.polyvore.com
Tumblr: https://dianeclancy.tumblr.com
Google+: Diane’s Google+
Diane Clancy Art Google+

Blog Disclosure and Disclaimer

This website is a combination of a website, blog and online shop.

I write the content of the blog and it is my own opinion.  Sometimes things change whether it is my perspective or the outside world. I do not have control over the comments others leave, but I ask all to be respectful at all times.

When I write a product review and I will receive a free product, I make that clear in the individual post.

My blog is my written opinion and does not represent any companies. Any product reviews I write are products that I have purchased myself and are my own opinion.

My online shop presents art, printed and on merchandise.  Most are my own work and I include some from friends who are artistic and talented.

I have shops on Zazzle, CafePress (CP), RedBubble, INKtastic, Imagekind, Fine Art America (FAA), ArtsAdd, CowCow, Print All Over Me (PAOM), Society 6 (S6), LiveHeroes and Greeting Card Universe (GCU).  I put my art on their sites and then my work is for sale through these sites. I get a % of what is sold.

Diane Clancy’s Art is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to www.DianeClancy.com (amazon.com or myhabit.com).

I also have shops at Etsy, Bonanza, Zibbet, PinkLion and iCraft.ca.  In these shops I list art that I sell directly to you.

On my friends merchandise that I share, sometimes I receive a % and sometimes I don’t.

My website has some examples of my graphic design, web design and my own work.

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How to Find Me

Facebook Artist Pages: DianeClancyArt

Blog: dianeclancy.com/blog
Website: www.dianeclancy.com
Twitter: dianeclancy
iShop: www.iShop.DianeClancy.com

Etsy Shop: dianeclancy
INKtastic: dianeclancy
Imagekind: dianeclancy
Greeting Card Universe: https://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/DianeClancy
Bonanza: https://www.bonanza.com/booths/DianeClancy
Zibbet: dianeclancy
PinkLion: DianeClancysArt
Merchandise, Fashion and Home Decor
Society6: https://society6.com/DianeClancy
RedBubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/dianeclancy
CafePress: https://www.cafepress.com/dianeclancy
ArtsAdd: dianeclancy
LiveHeroes: dianeclancy
CowCow Gift Shop: dianeclancy
Print All Over Me PAOM: dianeclancy
Fractals: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyFractals*
Goddess: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyGoddess*
Animals: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyAnimals*
Fine Art: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyFineArt*
Mandalas: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyMandalas*
Whimsical: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyWhimsical*
Holidays: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyHolidays*
Patterns: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyPatterns*
Photos: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyPhotos*
Bubbles: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancyBubbles*
Art: https://zazzle.com/DianeClancy*

Official legal Disclosure and Disclaimer. As said above, sometimes I get some money from sales.  It never costs you more.  This is the official language:
This site earns revenue using Affiliate Marketing. Skimlinks disclosure: This site earns revenue using Skimlinks. In the interests of disclosure and ethics, we want to be open about how we make money from our site. Besides display advertising and other paid sponsorships, we also sometimes get paid a commission if you purchase a product or service that we link to in our content. We want to be clear that our reviews are driven entirely by our editorial staff based on what we think. We use Skimlinks to help us automate the process of linking to products, especially as it distances our editorial staff from creating affiliate links themselves.

Diane Clancy’s Art is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to www.DianeClancy.com (amazon.com or myhabit.com).


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  2. What a fab site! I stumbled across this website looking for something a bit different in the way of duvet covers. I love the fab art that you create, keep up the good work! 🙂

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