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My Diva Sandy Hunter Plus Minus Challenge — 22 Comments

  1. First I saw the negative space as a tulip like flower, but then once you mentioned the ice cream sundae, of course, that’s all I can see AND I’m starving, so that isn’t helping me revert to the floral theme. In either case, I’m feeling the space, so it’s all good.

  2. What a “sweet” way to use the tulip shape! Tee! Hee! Very good concept.
    Dear Diane, your Tangle Drawings are so lively, and sweet. To my hearts regret, I must unsubscribe from all the newsletters/blog posts. Business reasons require my undivided attention for some time. With heartfelt blessings to you and yours, Tracy McDonald

    • Dear Tracy, thank you so very much for saying my tangles are so sweet and lively!! I understand about business – mine is suffering for a couple of reasons and I can’t comment as I would wish. My blessings go to you and those your care about!! I have so eagerly read each of your comments!! Thank you so much!! ~ Diane

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