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Weekly Challenge #15: Tangle with X-G-K — 2 Comments

  1. Both your tiles are so Well Done!
    I tried to sign up for your challenge, but received your regular newsletter instead. Can you send me both?
    Or am I missing something? I see that #15 was just completed. Or is this X-G-K this week’s challenge, and it’s in progress now? On which day of the week does your challenge start? I get the impression they are ongoing. I could start with #1 even now?

    • Thank you so very much, Tracy!! I emailed you how to sign up for both the blog post (many days) and my art newsletter (not frequent). X-G-K is this week’s challenge. We post on Wednesdays to give a mid-week challenge.

      They sure are ongoing and we are delighted to have you start with #1 (someone else did that recently 🙂 ) Welcome!!

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