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My Diva Beads of Courage Challenge Entry — 24 Comments

  1. Tangling on black tiles is definitely its own thing. The colors work differently, absorb differently and are just—well, different. There’s a definite learning curve —and I’m not very far along it. You still achieved vibrant colors which are perfect for this theme in fact and spirit.

  2. Hi Diane.. (I am trying again to leave a comment after failing yesterday.. Hope it works now!)

    I love your beads of courage tile – it somehow makes me feel like I am looking at a childhood memory that is precious and simple.. probably all the more precious *because* it is simple. As we grow up and take on more responsibilities, it just gets harder for us to return to that ‘simple’ place in time.

    • Hi Debbie – I am so sorry the comment didn’t work yesterday!! Sometimes it gets wonky!!! I am delighted you feel you are looking at a childhood memory!! It is so wonderful what you say – thank you so much – you help me look at it in a different way!! 🙂 🙂

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