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My String 71 Challenge Entry for Tangled Thursday — 1 Comment

  1. HI Diane, Great job. it amazes me still that we can use the same string again and again and each time it turns out so different.

    Thanks for joining in with Tangled Thursday. Here’s our challenge for this Thursday. You are most welcome to join in. For this thursday, select a tangle you really enjoy. Show it to us in it’s most common form and tell us why you like it and then show some variations if applicable and finally show a tile that includes this tangle. You don’t need to do full tiles to illustrate the tangle, sketches are great.

    If you send me a private email with your email, I can add you in when I send messages to my friends who are also tangling. There are 4 in the group at present. heatherdpear at hotmail dot com

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