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My Birthday is Today — 4 Comments

  1. I do hope you enjoyed your birthday. Sorry if I tried to drag you into work on such a day. Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more. Life goals are hard. Choices abound. It’s important to stop once in a while and reassess. What was important once may not be anymore. Life changing events can alter our view of that. You did such a wonderful job with the arts group and I look forward to carrying that forward with you but so understand that your focus has changed. I wish that creating art could be all any of us would need to care about but without some way to earn a living at it or a “benefactor” as in days of old, we do need to think about that too. I look forward to our finding that solution for all of us while still keeping the main focus on making art. There’s a theory out there that if you just do what you love the money comes. I do so hope that’s true.

  2. Oh my! I missed your birthday, so….a very happy belated birthday wish to you, Diane! I’ve not been on here as much so I missed a lot of posts from my favorite people. Sure sounds like you have your hands full. But God never puts on our plates more than He knows we can handle. I will keep you in my prayers that God makes clear to you the right decisions.

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