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Two Things Challenge – Abundant & Emptiness — 4 Comments

  1. Nice contrast. I sometimes wish I could blow some of yours up to see more detail, like in the abundant star part above, but they don’t link to larger versions.

  2. That’s better. I don’t know where your blog is hosted, but when I and most upload pictures, you can click on the image and get a full screen version. I’m not trying to suggest you change the way you do things, I’m just a detail kind of person who likes to dig down on images.

  3. Hi Larry – how about this then? I made it go up to 400 pixels on the small side – I am sure it is the way that I am loading my image rather my host. Perhaps next week – or rather this week I will do it differently. I don’t like to put my images up too big so that if people take them, they can’t really use them. Not you of course – but there are a lot of people I don’t know. Hope this helps! Thanks, Diane

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