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Advice Needed – PLEASE – Which is Better? — 16 Comments

  1. I don’t know what it is, but I agree that the left aligned seems easier to read to me. The centered version, especially with the various type sizes and boldness, seems to make my eyes jump all over the place without an anchor. The left align at least gives an anchor for each line.

  2. I always like things centered better. I don’t know why I think it looks more interesting to me. But I can also see why others would like the left better. Hmmm

  3. Thank you, Larry and Lanette, for sharing that you like it left aligned – given that, does the right side of the brochure (the cover) being centered bother you? How about the left side of the brochure where the 2 top pieces are centered – do they bother you?

    Pam and Melinda, I am glad you like it centered – I agree it looks more interesting and I find it much easier to read!! But clearly, not everyone agrees!!

    Thank you all so much!! I can’t wait to hear what others say,
    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Hi Diane, I hope you don’t mind me putting in my 2 cents.

    Centering the text blocks on the back is okay. I might layout the headings (Merchandise & Art) differently. You could try centering those headings on a separate line above each group… or put the headings in caps or in a color?

    Are the headings “Facebook” & “Twitter” necessary? It’s evident by the web addy.

    What’s on the other side of this brochure? Don’t try to cram too much in. You want to give them a good taste of your best artwork… and entice them to visit your stores & webpages where they will see more and also find out more about you.

    I see 3 images that are the same here. Even though the same image may be on 3 different products… I’d suggest to use a different image. I’d also suggest to print out the text (without images) and read it like a story. Are you repeating yourself? Do you need to thin out the copy?

    I see you have some contact info on the front. Personally, I would put all contact info on the back. – To make more room for all your contact info, remove the photos from the back. Of course, have your name on the front and back.

  5. Hi Chewy – I am most appreciative of your putting in your quarter’s worth!

    I am glad you don’t mind the centering of the text. That is an interesting idea of putting Merchandise and Art centered on the line above – I really like that idea a lot. Originally I had made an Online Business Card (won free from a friend’s blog) – so there was no room to do that – but here I certainly could.

    I guess part of why I put Facebook and Twitter was educating people about such things. Many people around here don’t do either of those things and know very little about them … but perhaps you are right.

    I have put in the other side of the brochure … I want to entice them to go online but also to buy directly from me. As I wrote in the new text above, perhaps I am putting in too much – and I am trying to have one brochure that shares what I do so that I can give it to potential clients locally.

    I had used one of the bubblescapes twice – and since you think the other one is the same, clearly that doesn’t work. I hadn’t really decided on the products yet – I was mainly putting in a couple as examples while I worked out the rest of it all – I know they need quite a bit of work – they images aren’t correct at all at this point. Especially technically!

    Well, removing the photos from the back would make much easier – I am concerned whether I can get very clean images of the products (I don’t think I can use gifs and the white backgrounds don’t necessarily match the paper.)

    I had never heard of not having contact info on the front – I wonder if that is regional. Any brochures I have made has the contact info on the front. But I will think about that and look at some more locally.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this feedback!!
    ~ Diane

  6. HI Chewy – it is also a great idea to look at all the text without photos – I am probably too repetitive. I always assume that they may read only a little so I want to make sure they get the important stuff. Thanks again!! ~ Diane

  7. None of the other centered stuff bothered me. I think it was only that there were various type sizes and boldness on the same line. If the big typ was centered on a separate line, I think that would anchor my eye and be quite pleasing.

  8. It seemed to me, you sensed something about the back may need improvement… and a fresh eye sometimes helps. I’m a professional Graphic Designer (as well as an Artist) and have done many brochures for various clients. Just trying to help. The inside seems well organized. I like your fanciful animals the best!

    You mentioned GIFs. Find out from the printer of this brochure what their image requirements are. GIFs are for web visuals. They might not be the correct color space, might be dithered and may be too low a resolution. If GIFs are all you have to work with… make adjustments in Photoshop, then save as tifs or maximum quality jpgs. – Product shots which don’t match the white of the paper can be silhouetted.

    It’s good that you are finally getting to produce the brochure you’ve dreamed of.

  9. I know how difficult and time consuming it is to create and design a brochure. I created a tri-fold for my journaling classes and it was grueling!

    I prefer the center aligned for the same reasons you stated, Diane. For some reason, on the left aligned, all I’m really noting are the headings in bold type.

    Everything you’ve done on the brochure is nice and balanced, but I’m wondering if maybe you should edit a little. For example, on the inside right, can you edit the paragraphs to “bullet” statements in a larger font and and use 2 larger photos instead of 4?

    I just read what Chewy said, and that’s what I’m trying to spit out! (See the last 3 paragraphs)LOL Think of your brochure as a teaser – you want people to CONTACT you with more questions :o)

  10. Hi Larry – thank you for your input!! I would love to hear if you like it now. Thank you so much for taking the time to give my feedback!! The new one is at the bottom of the post. ~ Diane

    Hi Chewy – One of my best friends hated something so much that he wouldn’t discuss it – I think it was the back that was very distressing to him – so that is why I KNEW I needed to get some help – if one person disliked it so much, others would – and that isn’t good publicity!

    I so appreciate your help! I do graphic design and web design too – but doing it for me is MUCH harder – plus I am wanting to include a lot so it makes is challenging to have it be cohesive and not scattered.

    I just grabbed some gifs to have something to plop in – those images that stay will get well tweaked. Thank you for letting me know about publishing … I think I will have to do the clipping paths for the merchandise object(s). I too am concerned about a silhouetting since I can even see it in InDesign and Acrobat.

    Thank you so much for being excited about my brochure!! Delighted you like the fanciful animals – I hope that part looks good too. Thank you so so much!! ~ Diane

    Hi Angelia – Thanks for being supportive about this process for creating this brochure!! It is so much easier to do one for someone else than oneself – at least for me! Glad you finished your brochure for your journaling class!

    I am so happy you like the centered – for me it is so much easier to read!! I am going to see if I can bullet the fanciful animals … I am not sure that will work. All my animals are vertical, so whether I do 2 or 4, I can’t make them much bigger. I was thinking that showing a diversity of critters might be the most helpful for grabbing animal lovers attention. But I am still open to feedback on that – and perhaps it is too wordy.

    What a great way to think about the brochure “Think of your brochure as a teaser – you want people to CONTACT you with more questions” – thank you so much for this perspective!! ~ Diane

  11. There ya go! I think the back text looks great. (thumbs up) – I agree, it’s very difficult when one designs for one’s self. – Good luck with your endeavors.

  12. There was also quite a discussion on Facebook – Here are some highlights!:

    Pam Hardy said: I always like things centered better. I don’t know why I think it looks more interesting to me. But I can also see why others would like the left better. Hmmm

    Susan Nolt John said: I much prefer the flush left. It looks neater to me. I was always told in Web design (which I have been doing for 16 years) that you should use flush left over center as often as possible, that centering everything is amateurish. Again, that is what I have learned in several Web and graphic design classes. I think it is what appeals to you.

    Lynne Reichhart said: Diane – I found the centered much easier to read. I have heard what Susan said about using left, but the centered just looks cleaner to me.

    Thank you to everyone both here on the blog and on Facebook for helping me!!

    ~ Diane

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