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Two Things Challenge – Organic & Chaos — 4 Comments

  1. Hope you weathered this week’s storm Diane. I’ve seen lots of destruction
    on my trips through Greenfield.
    Love today’s picture! The purples and greens and all the globes of color – I feel like I’m floating…
    Linda Bickford

  2. Diane – all your painting are so beautiful; but I find something so intriquing about this one. Don’t know if it is the mysterious effect of the darkness (the chaos) against nature (the organic). Love it!

  3. I sense the unresolved chaos here. Your bubbles usually feel so soft and melodious; these stand out in their crispness and contrast to the background. Good interpretation.

  4. Diane,
    I just noticed I had given an end to this challenge of June 6, so no new challenge for next weekend. I’ll save and use this one.

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