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Today is the Last Day to Write – Here is My Letter — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you very much, Pam, for saying this is well written!! Glad you think so!!

    I so agree, Elizabeth!! We need to be able to make a living from our work!!

    Thank you both! ~ Diane

  2. Here we go again – it doesn’t seem that long ago that this issue was just coming to life. Although we both brought this to the attention of so many, I had really thought this issue was mute. Obviously, the government has not been listening to the many artists, photographers, writers, etc. that the “Orphan Act” affects. Not only will I write to our congressmen again; I will resurrect our original articles and re-enlighten those who have either (like myself) thought this was settled, or bring it to light to those new artists here at Etsy and that read our blogs that more needs to be done. You know I am behind 100% – your paintings are truly OOAK pieces, and should be protected as such.

  3. ps – is it ok to copy the html for this article on your blog for my own blog, which I will work on immediately since this is the last day! Please let me know.
    Thanks Pam

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