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Which Mug Do You Prefer? — 9 Comments

  1. There were some comments on Facebook too:

    Kirsten Edwards wrote: The one at zazzle! 🙂

    Sher Magins wrote: zazzle

    Jacki McGovern wrote (in part): Diane, How does Zazzle compare to Cafe Press? I know you have to have a premium shop with Cafe Press in order to have more than one item in your shop, does Zazzle do the same thing?

    I wrote (in part): Hi Jacki – one great thing about Zazzle is there is no cost upfront at ALL. So that is good.

    Thank you everyone for your questions … I am writing a post right now with some more info … everything crashed a few hours ago so I am redoing it all.

    ~ Diane

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  3. I want to have a secret blogspot page, but some people I know have been able to find my URL via a Google search…is there a way I can prevent this? I don’t want anyone to be able to realistically find the URL unless I give it to them. . . (Please don’t suggest that I switch to another blog site.) . . Thanks!.

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