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Selling Your Art – Part I (Offline Marketing) — 14 Comments

  1. Diane – wonderful set of topics. Granby has an artists association that sells art. It has been running for 8 or 9 years now – local people in the town come out and support artists. The other areas that our local artists sell art at is at the annual landtrust – so a portion of the proceeds go to sell protected land in the area. We have one abstract artist who does spectacular work – not as well received as the reprsentational artists. We have another artist who sells greeting cards of her work at the local drug store, is well know, and does well. I guess it is small town stuff though.

  2. great tips, Diane. I sell primarily at those arts/craft festivals and i tend to stick to the higher end shows. i also don’t have much luck at the inexpensive shows you mention, often because those tend to not really be juried and quite a bit of very low cost buy/sell jewelry tends to make its way in. since i create artisan jewelry with precious metals and handbeads beads, my prices are quite a bit higher. i’d love to sell more online so i look forward to hearing your online tips. kelly

    p.s. found you on facebook through karen faulkner.. sending you a fb invite! 🙂

  3. Hi Anne, what a great thing that local people come out to support artists through the artists association!! I think that is so true that sometimes abstract art has a harder time selling. Great to sell through the local drug store … Thank you!

    Hi Kelly, I am delighted you are following this! (We are Facebook friends now) I think jewelry tends to sell well from what I hear from people … so glad the high end ones are working for you! Given that I have been mainly selling prints, I have been hesitant to try them myself. I think the higher prices make a big difference. We charge in the mid-range for what we sell … but some people sell cards for $1.50. I can’t compete with that … I think the quality of my cards are much higher, but that is part of the art market.. Thank you!!

    ~ Diane

  4. Diane! Great post. I am trying my first Art and Crafts fairs this summer and I am not sure about that decision. Since I have already invested in a tent and other display items, I have to give it a go!

    Off to read about ON-line – you know I really value your opinion on this topic.

  5. Hi Lynne,

    Once you have invested like that, it sure makes sense to give it a try!! Also I think people DO sell more at the higher end ones. If it is higher end, you are likely to sell more – if it lower end, you risk less. It is definitely worth a try for sure!!

    I do not have the physical mobility, strength or stamina to have it work for me. But for someone who can handle it without a great cost like that – try and see what works. I will be VERY eager to hear!

    Thank you so much for your great support on this!
    ~ Diane

  6. (in response to part I)
    you should join (or start) an art collective. then as a group you can participate in art shows, and eventually even host them. i’m part of a very large group called ArtLoveMagic. it is an art activist group, that does lots of charity shows and events. very helpful to me in keeping my name out there. you can peep their website at ArtLoveMagic.com.

    i try not to do too many shows. once a month is good, but some months i do more. when i’m doing lots of them, i ramp down my efforts so i don’t wear myself out! since i got married in ’07, i moved to a rural area, but found it helpful to continue participating in ALM (about 50 miles away in Dallas,TX) because of my budding market there.

    anyways, this is a very helpful blog. i haven’t tried HALF of the stuff you mentioned. i’m looking to take a stab at some of your suggestions! i’m saving your blog to my book marks to revisit later (don’t wanna overload my brain!)

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