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Selling Your Art – Part III (Online Marketing) — 14 Comments

  1. The second and third posts really could just be one. I’m not sure why you broke them up.
    I like how you describe preparing different images for different types of products. That is one reason why I like zazzle more than cafepress.

  2. Hi Christopher,

    I broke the posts up for 2 reasons … one is that I don’t like reading or writing super-long posts … and it felt like it was starting to get that way.

    The other reason … is for me it is 2 very separate online selling experiences … so I wanted to emphasize that – that one is where I am doing the sending of an item I actually made and the other is where another place ships an item with my image …
    it was emaphsis.

    I started with CafePress and love them … but I warmed up quickly to Zazzle once I master their quirkiness (they are ALL quirky) for the very reason that the image prep work is easier in Zazzle – I agree with you!

    Hi Heather – I am so delighted that this is useful to you!! It makes it worth spending the time.

    Thank you!
    ~ Diane

  3. Hi Diane, I appreciate all the work you have put into these posts. I am unclear how you could sell a product from someplace like cafepress and bypass them in terms of their portion of revenue from the sale of product. or did i misunderstand you?

  4. Hi Sue,

    I am not sure what I said that was unclear … but it was!

    They always get their piece of the pie … that is a given – you are correct about that.

    I CAN buy the products myself and resell them – I have done that some. But most of my sales have come when someone buys directly through these shops.

    Many of the sales come from being directed to my shops by me – you know my link and you go mane a purchase … some of the sales come from searching … you are looking for a tux cat and you find my kitty images on merchandise.

    Either way, I get paid some … and they handle all the business part. Hope that clears that up!

    Thank you,
    ~ Diane

    ps – off to write the next step!

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  6. I am enjoying reading your marketing posts. I was curious about the point you made regarding customer relationship…you have a name and a state but no way to make them YOUR customer. It made me wonder if you might consider (or be allowed to) put your website or email address ON the items themselves as part of the image or a second image (like two sides of the mug, etc). ?

    • Hi Debbie, I am delighted you are enjoying my marketing posts. I plan to do another couple of installations in the new year – as I have learned a lot more.

      I think it is fine to put your name, website, email ON the items as part of the design. As far as I know, there is no rule against it. I know one friend did that at CafePress and no one complained. That is a creative way that partly deals with no immediate relationship with our buyers. Thank you again for reading and replying!!

      ~ Diane Clancy

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