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I Forgot a Presentation – Any Ideas? — 5 Comments

  1. Here are some comments from Twitter and Facebook:

    Rob Beasley wrote: Earth, Economy, Spirit

    Matt Foley wrote: I do a quiz on importance of artists. “Who knows of daVinci?”, “Name a contemporary – political leader, sports figure, actor. Not fair? OK, then Van Gogh (Starry Night) – contemporary (Grover cleveland, Pres; Coca-Cola incorporated; N+S Dakota, Washington, Montana – states, Eiffel Tower inagurated; etc to give other events). Then the Picasso question. So what does this tell you. Artists are the most important people in history. It always is a big hit.

    Matt Foley wrote: Then portrayal of development as an artist, what are motivations and thought process behind the vision. How to maintain personal validation in the face of a hostile public.

    Elisabeth Monaghan wrote: self portrait/series of them that tell your story, but doesn’t take much time to create? (Good luck!)

    krystyna81 wrote: Talk about how you stay motivated, what inspires you, how you stay in biz as an artist – be genuine & open to ?’s good luck!

    Melissa Barton wrote: A thematic presentation? The different themes you’ve explored in your work and why

    Thank you to each of you!! These ideas are already very helpful to getting my brain going … My mind is starting to work! Thanks for the boost!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. Ellen Blanchette wrote me a great email:

    Diane – How you do a presentation? – You bring some of your work and you talk about it. Don’t feel like you have to prepare a lot for this. Bring what you can easily carry – bring mostly unframed stuff that’s not too heavy and just maybe show a variety of things that you do so people get to see the kind of work you do. Think about telling a story of how you began, why you do the work you do. We are all your friends so don’t let this intimidate you. I think you’ll find the process evolves naturally as people will ask you questions and your answers will be a part of the presentation.

    Thank you, Ellen! ~ Diane

  3. Hi Diane, You should do fine. I agree with Ellen’s answer, and Elisabeth, krystyna and Melissa too. Talk about yourself, how you got interested/started in art, what brought you to where you are now with
    it. Bring samples to show, maybe even some products like a mug, etc., to
    show how art can become more than a picture on the wall.

    You have some unique themes, so explain your inspiration behind a couple of ideas.

    You’ll do fine – piece of cake!

    Linda B

  4. Thank you Linda too!

    I am now beginning to work on the presentation – I have written down all these ideas and will plan.

    The materials are all together. Great help!!

    ~ Diane

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