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  1. Lovely post, Diane! We need to remember to tell others how much we love them and what we appreciate about them while we can. Thanks for the reminder! I’m glad you had that time to let go and to know that he was ready to go. It means a lot.

    blessings, zuda

  2. It was good to get your post this morning. Beautiful flowers!
    Glad you got some special time with Vincent. You can appreciate
    how special my work is to me, working with hospice patients.
    Its my honor to be there for them.

    Linda B

  3. This is so lovely and touching. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is strange and true that we often learn so much about people when friends and family come together at a funeral to honor them that we never knew before. It shows how complex people are and also how much we often keep private. There is so much I wish I knew about loved ones who are now gone. My deepest condolences over Vincent’s passing to you and your family.


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