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Summer Sure Seems To Be Here — 5 Comments

  1. There were comments on Twitter also:

    Dawnalive said: The colors are amazing. Their contrast help bring unity to the piece.

    dwixi said: Just checked out your art. I love it so much. I was looking for ages.

    Anne, yes the original photo that I started with was of Blue Jays – cool you could see this!

    Thank you, Anne, Natalie, Dawn and Dwixi!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. It’s a very well done digital image, Diane. The colors are outstanding. You do know how to work with digital imaging very well. I could learn a lot of lessons from you. I don’t have the patience or knowledge to figure this out on my own.

    I hope you’ll start feeling better soon. You need lots of rest and dappled sunshine and fresh air. Good food too! I’m sure you eat very healthily on account of your illness, but please make sure you get enough nutrition. I assume you take vitamins?

    Listen to me make a fuss over you. I’m sure Susan keeps a good eye on you as well. You’ve had such a busy life lately.


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