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Prayers for My Cousin — 5 Comments

  1. Do you believe in the power of prayer, Diane? It’s an honest question. I lost my son to cancer and no amount of praying could save him. Medical science was not far enough advanced to safe him, it was a s simple as that. Sometimes people leave us even when we aren’t prepared to let them go. It’s the tough part of life and I don’t know anything about the power of prayer.

  2. On Facebook there was also a comment:

    Christine Bennett said: Please keep us updated about your cousin. My best wishes and prayers are with you and your family.

    Thank you, Jean, Jordan, Carole, Christine and Gossamer!

    I do really believe in the power of prayer. I have been at the edge of death several times and when some people did some healing work on me, I came back from there. There were several times when the doctor told me that I had one hour before I needed to go into the hospital to see if things could turned around. These person did distant healing on me … and I managed to stay out those times.

    I do think prayer is very powerful – I do think it has the power to help heal. It is not a sure thing that someone will not die – that is for sure!!! I think there is a lot unknown about life, death, healing and spirit. But the thing I feel sure that prayer can help … is take help all involved came from a healthy, more balanced place.

    There are some distant family members who feel like their prayers did some amazing healing. Perhaps so … but I know for sure that those prayers were important for everyone involved.

    I know it is very possible my cousin will die soon … I also believe that if there is time for a new alternative medicine to work on him, he may live. When we were there, we talked with him about a project that he has started and not finished.

    I think the power of the spirit and mind is very powerful to INFLUENCE things … but NOT CONTROL them. That is where so many people get confused. I have delved deep into what this issue means to me … as I have had an illness for many decades … and especially early on, been blamed that if I just did X (mind, emotions, body, spirit, whatever), then I would be well … and if I didn’t, then I was choosing to be sick. That is something I have had to grapple with at a very deep level to come to peace with what I do and do not control and influence,

    It certainly helps me to hear that others are sending prayers, healing, positive thoughts, whatever someone chooses, toward my cousin and me. AND I also TOTALLY RESPECT that you have come to terms with things in the way that works for you!!! Hugs, Diane

    ps Should I make this into a post?

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