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Life is Fragile — 11 Comments

  1. What a thoughtful painting – the poem says a lot about it – I noticed how the more vibrant colors (which I assume is life) are blocked in, but once we find ourselves (Courage.Strength) we are free and can move around freely as our souls guide us. Beautiful colors and a very strong meaning withing.

  2. Nice symbolic painting Diane. Looks like looking into the other side to me.
    Prayers for your cousin for a peaceful transition also. Hospice is my
    special interest, doing home care for people is what I do. Is your cousin
    in Greenfield? If he’d like Reiki, I’d be glad to stop by to offer some.
    Gearing up to be work independently (of an agency) in the Shelburne
    Falls area to do hospice, home care, and reiki in a nursing assistant capacity. Still getting settled, networking and getting things in order first.
    I also need to look into doing some hospice volunteer work as a reiki
    Linda B

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