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Featured by BBEST – Boomers and Beyond — 6 Comments

  1. That’s all very well and good, but let’s not forget what it’s all about and that is about producing the work and not just showing the same artwork over and over again. There has to be creation and innovation and inspiration. I am playing the devil’s advocate here and daring you to produce the work that will put you on a new map. Go ahead and hate me for it, I don’t care. I don’t think you should all get stuck in each other’s mutual admiration society. That’s too easy and that’s no challenge.

    Big hug,
    Irene, regardless.

  2. Thank you Jean and Pat!

    Irene, interesting thoughts … I certainly have been struggling with such issues at the back of my mind. In this time so much of being an artist is figuring out how to market one’s work.

    Raises a lot of issues … the bubblescapes are some of my best sellers I have … so I certainly don’t want to stop making and selling them! Yet I am wanting to take leaps into new work – I am not even sure what.

    Given that I have a lot of responsibilities, I feel fairly despairing of having the time and space that that kind of leap takes. I know it is in the near future .. I can feel it is almost time to go to another level with certain ideas …

    And also, given the economy, I am hustling more than ever for each sale. And I think you have some sense of what I am dealing with in my life – both on the physical level and also circumstances that are fairly overwhelming.

    But I also know I need to give this gift to myself … and I think I need to trust the process … keep staying close to my soul and muse, and trust that the timing will be just fine.

    Thank you to all three of you!
    ~ Diane

  3. There were comments I would like to share from the original blog post at BBEST:

    Jackie at FabTWD wrote: Gorgeous work, love the bright colors!

    Jean Levert Hood wrote: Isn’t it great, Jackie!

    AltheaP wrote: I love Diane’s bubbles!

    jstinson wrote: Great feature on Diane. Her work is spectacular! Thanks for showcasing her here!

    Jordanka Yaretz wrote: Great feature on Diane.

    MagdaleneJewels wrote: One of my favorite Bbest artist. Her work is so unique and so peaceful to look at. A great feature for a great lady!

    Diana wrote: What a wonderful article! Diane’s art is so unique thatI can tell that is is hers, by looking at the art! It is wonderful each time I see her bubbles.

    Sixsisters wrote: Always enjoy Diane’s work.

    Thank you so much Jackie, Jean, Janine, Joni, Jordanka, Pam, Diana and Joan!!

    ~ Diane

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