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Blue and Yellow Equal Joy — 3 Comments

  1. Probably nobody will react as strongly to colors and combinations of colors as someone who has a lot of artistic talent. To feel joy and exuberance and to be moved by colors is something very special, I think. I am very fond of the colors red and yellow, but you wouldn’t know it from any bit of evidence in my life. Still, these are the colors that move me, yellow especially. I think there’s nothing more inviting than a yellow painted front door. In a very creamy yellow, as if you can taste it.

    I love today’s pastel. I like that color combination too. It makes me think of the Provence.

  2. Yay! More pastels! I love the the softness of your pastel work, Diane – the colours are vibrant, but the effect is of softness and gentleness. I am glad that you are enjoying being back in the studio. There is something very fulfilling about working with simple, low tech materials and creating beauty.

  3. lovely. It is so great to see you doing all this handiwork away from screens. I’m sure it is therapeutic for you as well. hugs

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