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Work Sliding of Late — 6 Comments

  1. I enjoy your posts. It’s been interesting to see what art you choose to go along with your expression for the day. What I ‘got’ from seeing Cobalt Quilt paired with “getting more on top of” what interferes with you work is ‘newer, deeper understanding’. It is as if you are on a threshold of something that you are not aware of yet enthusiastically anticipating.

  2. Diane, you’re always apologizing for not being on top of things, yet you always manage a post with art in it and you have so much to do. Take it easy and don’t burn yourself out. I wish I could come over there ad help you, my hands are itching to, but then you’d feel compelled to be the perfect hostess, so that wouldn’t work.

    Much love,

  3. Hi Diane, I love the colors you used today – the cobalt blues with the
    purples are so cool and calming to me. I love to see what you’ve done
    each day – wish I was even somewhat as talented. Looks like a kalidescope too.

    Don’t appologize for sliding, and I hope you get some much needed rest.

    Linda Bickford
    West Suffield CT
    & Shelburne Falls MA

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